Monday, August 20, 2007

The Travellers have moved off Bedfords Park

It would seem that the Summer holidays are over for the Travellers that invaded Bedfords Park in the heart of "Havering Park Ward" just over 10 days ago, they ignored the Section 77 notice served on them to leave by 12 noon last Wednesday, unfortunately, they ignored this and Havering Council were preparing to go back to Court to get a summons to remove them legally.

Cllr Mann was in the park this afternoon as they started to leave and was able to see some of the damage and rubbish that was left behind. It is to early to see exactly how much damage has been done, however, it does not seem as bad as it could be, but then I did not go round the whole park to see what had been thrown in all of the bushes in the surrounding area.

Now that they have gone, we can start to ask some questions on how they got in, were the gates locked in the park and was enough done to remove the Travellers as soon as possible. The issue of park gates not being locked is something the Residents Association has raised in the past and we will continue to push for our parks to be kept locked and secure at night.

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